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Things to consider before building a website.

Before you undertake a website building project, you first need to know what the purpose of the site is. Is it to promote a business or sell products? Is it to educate others or simply showcase past projects and works? Each purpose requires different capabilities and these need to be well planned before construction begins.

Corporate websites are a window into what a company or organisation is about and what they do. The standard structure of these site normally includes a home page, an about us page, a services page, a contact page and a news page. The purposes of a corporate website;

  • Resolve any questions customers and suppliers may have

  • Share effective communication with customers

  • Provide customers easy access to contact members of the team

  • inform customers and suppliers about the company’s activities and the service updates

  • attract new consumers using digital marketing.

Educational websites are built to teach and inform its visitors. The sites often need to be very secure as they often hold large amounts of personal information and details. The purposes of an educational website;

  • providing wide and high-quality access to existing educational material

  • Hosting live virtual webinar and tutoring streams

  • Personalising content for each individual user.

E-commerce sites are virtual shops that allow customer to purchase products and services at home or on the go. These sites consist of many pages with a product management system and login platforms. The purposes of an E-commerce website;

  • Implementing automation and ai technology that can enhance the consumer shopping experience.

  • Increasing the number of customers without dramatically increasing overheads

  • Increasing the quantity of purchases made per customer

  • Creating an easier and faster way to make purchases

  • Providing customers more power in the purchasing process.

Portfolio websites are very simple and often just one page with a simple gallery content section. The purposes of a portfolio website;

  • Showcasing a new product range

  • Artists selling their works

  • Increasing a reputation in an industry

  • Expanding network connections.

You also need to consider who the website will be targeted at. Each demographic and sector will be interested in different content and styles. Websites targeted at engineers in the gas and heating industry will resonate with imagery and colours they can relate to. Using these same styles for a dog grooming business may have the unintended consequence of deterring visitors away from the website because they do not identify with them.

It’s also always worth contacting a professional to gain a better insight. We have experience in each of these site types and know which will be best suited to meet your requirements. On every website we make sure it has the right style, content and tools to make it as effective as possible no matter the purpose or sector.

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