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Proposal Templates

Why have a proposal template?

When a company needs a problem solved, they invite other businesses to submit a proposal which details how they'd solve it.


A professional and well executed proposal is an effective way to pitch a brand's story, products & services. They are also a chance for you to make a structured, logical argument for why a customer should choose your company.

Having a ready to go proposal template reduces the amount of time and resourced needed to submit a proposal. It ensure consistency and quality across all proposals being submitted in your business.

Image by Headway
Image by Scott Graham

Our approach to drafting proposal templates

We approach each proposal template by first understanding your business, it's heritage, people, products and services.

Every proposal should have certain key aspects. 


  • Title page - Company name & Logo, prospects name and logo, names of people involved.

  • Agenda page - an outline of the proposal.

  • Brand introduction section - your brand story, heritage, values, vision, key customers.

  • Prospect requirements page – what the prospect has requested

  • Suggested Products sections – all products proposed, what they are and what the benefits are

  • Suggested Services section – all services proposed, what they are and what the benefits are.

  • Additional information section - any products, services or information the prospect has not requested but could find useful

  • Commercials Section - all financial and contractual information relating to the proposal.

  • Customer Journey page - the full time line and life cycle of their customer journey from joining the business.

  • CSR page - any relevant information about your brand's corporate social responsibility initiatives.

  • conclusion Page - summary of all important information

  • Thank you page - finishing page that says thank you, and includes all contact information 

From£499.99 excl VAT

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