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Logo Design

What is a logo?

Logo Design shouldn’t just be pretty, an effective logo design should be well thought through, unique and developed with future growth in mind.

Here at Underdog Creatives, we have built our own approach to creating premium Logo designs, clearly understanding where logo design finishes and Branding begins.

When we create a logo, it must be able to stand on its own and still convey certain core values of its brand. We achieve this by truly understanding what the logo has to symbolise and the values it has to represent.

Logo Design

The design process

We approach each logo project by brainstorming and research before developing ideas..

All our logo design work starts with sketch concepts that we’ll share with you for feedback. 


  • Discovery – exploring the brief, target market, creative & colour preferences, objectives and brnad direction.

  • Concepts – we create hand-drawn design concepts to cover a lot of ideas and give you more options to choose from.

  • Development – we progress the strongest and most appropriate designs to a more polished form for final selection.

  • Artwork – we create final logo files in every format you’ll need.

  • Application – we extend the logo project into branding and visual identity to ensure you have a consistent brand style.

  • Support – Underdog Creatives are always on hand to create additional marketing and promotional materials moving forward.

Logo Design From£74.99 excl VAT

Brand Guidelines From £249.99 excl VAT

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