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How to optimise your social media post with hash tags?

Research undertaken by buddy media presented that tweets that include hashtags had double the engagement than those with none. It is become more apparent there is science behind the craft of hash tags, those that include more than one hashtags have shown a significant drop in engagement.

Find popular hashtags but only use the relevant ones related to your brand

Research what hashtags influencers and competitors are using. People interested in related content will be searching those hashtags and will therefore be more likely to come across your content. Using these popular hash tags is a great way to make sure your posts are reaching the most appropriate audiences. Most social media platforms suggest hashtags in a format similar to predictive text and highlight how many follow the term. You can also use a hashtag finder or generator tool to assist you in discovering hashtags related to your content.

Before you use a hashtag, make sure research it yourself to see who is using it and what kind of content comes up. Just because a popular influencer or similar company uses it, it doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for your content.

Don’t go over board, renner quality over quantity.

It can be irritating and annoying when you read through a post littered with loads of hashtag, let’s say 10 or more. Start by creating a hashtag strategy that correlates with your audience and customers. In Twitter try aim to use on or two hashtags and with Instagram you can go a bit wild, and a good number of hashtags is 8 to 10. Hashtags helps you capture the attention of those who do not follow your brand yet. Feel confident in knowing that 1 to 2 quality hashtags in each post may be all you you need.

How to build a hashtag strategy?

There are three key types of marketing strategies for hashtags.

  • Company, product or campaign specific hashtags

  • Trending hashtags

  • Content hashtags

Brand, product and campaign hashtags are bespoke tags that are made for specific purposes. They are often used to promote or attract attention to a specific product or promotion. When producing these, make a hashtag that is unique, rememberable, catchy and consistent with your organisation. Once developed, the work doesn’t stop there, follow the hashtags process and respond to those using it.

Trending hashtags are often hot topics that have become extremely popular and what most people are talking about at that moment when in timer. When you see a trend relating to your organisation, engage with it by using the hashtag. Using trending hashtags has the potential to propel your message in front of a massive audience.

Content hashtags are common hashtags which simply relate to your post’s content and are integrated with in your post. For example, if you are selling fast food on the high street, you can post your best food images using #streetfood.


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