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365 Elite Gas & Heat are now cooking on gas.

A newly established residential and commercial gas services company required our help to develop a new name, logo and website.

After many years of experience in the industry, an innovative gas engineer decided to create a new gas startup company, that caterers to both the residential and commercial sector. They made it their mission to bring expert knowledge and capabilities, to local residents and businesses all year round, at an affordable price. The issue they encountered was communicating this message to the local community and beyond.

The new brand had to incorporate the company's key traits of professional reliability 24/7, 365 days a year. In our experience we find clients don’t spend a lot of time on their first company name and logo. This is definitely to be avoided, it’s always beneficial to set some time aside, workshop ideas and bring in a professional opinion to finalise your brainchild. Remember the name communicates what you do and the logo makes your brand instantly recognisable. First impressions count.

The first task was creating a name that was clear, memorable and available. After brainstorming many ideas, we agreed the name had to incorporate what they do, when they do it and how. Many names were proposed, but the name we all kept circling back to was 365 Elite Gas and Heat. We felt the name clearly implies that the company works in the gas and heat sector all year round and preforms work to a high standard.

The logo was next on our agenda and immediately took pen to paper and started drafting ideas. In this design we incorporated a flame which is iconic with gas and heat. Initially the client wanted a blue flame, but we advised towards a pale green for the logo and brand colour. We selected this colour because very few competitors have a similar brand identity and believed it would be a good starting point for standing out from the crowd. We also selected a white and dark grey as secondary colours to complement the pale green.

The website took careful planning to incorporate the client’s requirements of specific pages and tailored visitor navigation paths. We opted for a modern and industrial feel to match the client’s sector, populating the site with relevant and engaging content that would drive visitors to request a quote. Upon completion we ran a week’s worth of site testing to ensure all pages, links and contact forms were fully functioning.

Now they have a fully functioning website which they are 'over the moon with' and a striking brand presence in the gas and heating services market that reflects both their professionalism and their infinite availability.

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